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First Fighting Competition in Milwaukee – Cream City Convergence

Wisconsin – MATC

| 11 Oct 2023

Cream City Convergence

Mothership attended Cream City Convergence, which was the first fighting e-sports event in Milwaukee! Over 300 people competed in this event. The games featured included Ultimate Singles, Street Fighter 6, Melee Singles, and Guilty Gear: Strive. Most competitors were from Wisconsin or Illinois, but some were from even farther away. This event was a HUGE success for Milwaukee and will most likely be making a return next year.

Two students from Milwaukee Area Technical College competed, one being a leader from our chapter, Delano Kraig. He competed in Street Fighter 6. Neither student made their bracket, but they both tried it for the experience. Both students remarked that they would like to participate again in the future and that it was extremely fun to do. In the end, the finalists were mostly competitors from Illinois. Wisconsin has some work to do!

One of the best parts of coming to this event was seeing how much excitement and energy there was for fighting games. Attendees were kind and supportive of one another (and we observed for several hours). During the afternoon, the crowd for Smash Ultimate was pumped up. One of the best moments was seeing a competitor win and a crowd of people jumping to their feet, chanting and clapping. In the evening, there was a large crowd for Street Fighter 6, and again they brought the energy. It was refreshing to see the positivity and exhilaration for an e-sports event.

It was a great event for building the gaming scene in Milwaukee. This brought a lot of eyes to e-sports in general to the area. The only way to go from here is up. Thanks, Cream City Convergence!

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