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Upcoming 2020 Roundtable at GDC “Open Source Game Development”

Free and Open Source Software

| 21 Apr 2019

This year’s SIG round table will be on Wednesday 3/18 @ 5:00.  The blurb for it is…

“Open Source in games is growing. Tools like the Godot engine and Blender are fully Open under licenses like MIT and GPL. New game server hosting and scaling technologies, like Google and Ubisoft’s Agones are being built on Open standards like Kubernetes. You can even find full fully open sourced games. This round table is aimed at providing a place to discuss the reasons, benefits and challenges of going Open Source in games.”

We’re already heard that folks from Godot, Red Hat, Linux Foundation, IBM and Google are planning to be coming and we’re looking forward to having you join us too.

The “bad news” is GDC tends to run sessions on a very rigid time schedule and we only have 50 minutes.  The “good news” is that they know that attendees often have more questions, or want to initiate longer conversations, after the session is over and so they provide “debrief rooms” to give us all an opportunity to do just that.  Last year’s unofficial “debrief” may have run longer than the official session itself, with lots of good conversations.  So plan ( if you’ve got the time) to hang out after as well.


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