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Assisting Game Developers Impacted by Layoffs

22 Apr 2020

In Magic Leap’s recent announcement, they declared they are laying off employees to increase their focus to enterprise markets and weather the decreased availability of capital in these challenging times. It has been reported that about 1,000 Magic Leap employees have been let go from their jobs.

The current pandemic has already caused undue stress on everyone in the world, but facing employment uncertainty in these times is particularly trying. This situation highlights the importance of company leaders planning their growth with the stability of their companies and the lives of their employees in mind. While downsizing is sometimes unavoidable, it is irresponsible to navigate your company into a situation where half of your workforce is released at once. Even those who maintain their jobs will suffer from the loss of so many peers.

The IGDA is committed to supporting the developers affected by this, and we would like to offer all of the resources we have to help from our networks and communities to our career resources and Career Center.  We have also compiled a set of resources specific these times in our COVID-19 Resources page, which includes financial relief programs and mental health support tools.

We are also confirming our commitment to develop more business development and management resources for game studios and companies so that they are best equipped to grow their companies with sustainable approaches that are resilient during crises. Our Game Development Crisis Conference and Webinar Series in partnership with Take This has been designed to provide support both for game developers affected personally in these times, and for studio heads and managers to understand how to best equip their companies to sustain through crises.

Once again, we would like to open our Career Center to assist those impacted by layoffs. Companies that are looking to fill positions can receive:

  • Up to 20 free Basic Postings (US$299 value each) in the IGDA Career Center

IGDA Studio Affiliates already receive complimentary Enhanced Postings in the Career Center as part of their IGDA membership; in recognition of their support, we will also provide them with the following additional benefits regardless of their location:

  • Up to 20 free additional Enhanced Postings (US$399 value each) in the IGDA Career Center
  • Up to 40 resume purchases (US$35 value each) in the IGDA Career Center

To take advantage of this opportunity, a studio should email membership@igda.org with a link to their job openings; IGDA will provide codes for the postings and resumes that the studio can use at their convenience.

In the coming weeks, the IGDA will be announcing further resources, events, and more to support both those affected by these layoffs and everyone within our industry. It is our mission to support and empower game developers everywhere in achieving sustainable and fulfilling careers.

Please share these resources and opportunities with hiring studios and anyone affected by this situation.

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