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IGDA Philly April 2020 Meeting Announcement – Guildings w/ Jonathan Culp

Pennsylvania – Philadelphia

| 8 Apr 2020

Join us for our April meeting as we Zoom in with Jonathan Culp to talk about his work on Guildlings!  The meeting will be taking place online on Tuesday, April 14 at 7:30 PM ET. Register for the meeting at http://bit.ly/IGDAPhillyMonthlyReg

Guildlings is a quirky fantasy RPG that was released to great accliam on Apple Arcade in Dec 2019. But before it was an RPG, it was a battle simulation with passive and async elements, and before that it was was a puzzle game similar to “The Room”. No project goes exactly the way you think it will and Guildlings was no exception.

Jonathan Culp, the engineering lead for Sirvo Studios, will give a talk on the unique technical and production challenges he encountered. Along the way he will cover how there’s no such thing as a small project, data driven design, and how doing your best sometimes means adjusting the way you work for the sake of the team.

Ultimately, he will attempt to answer an impossible question: What is the “right” way to make a game?

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