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AppGallery spoils gamers with unique offers and gives them an ultimate gaming experience during Game Fest online event

18 Jul 2023

This is the last article from the four-piece series about Huawei’s ecosystem of apps and services. In the first and second articles, you learned more about AppGallery, one of the top 3 app global app distribution platforms and undoubtedly the best alternative app store on the market. We have also dived into Petal Ads, an innovative ads platform for publishers, advertisers and marketers, who want a cost-effective way to reach untapped and valuable new audiences.

Brace yourself, gamers, because we are closing this series with a review of exquisite offers that AppGallery provides to you every time, but especially during a unique online gaming event – Game Fest. Read this one quickly and turn on your favourite game!


Mobile gaming conquers the world

In 2022 alone, it was projected that the global gaming industry would generate $222 billion worldwide — with mobile gaming accounting for 60% of the total. The key reason why mobile gaming became so popular in the past few years is accessibility. Gamers just don’t want to waste time – within just a few clicks, they can have hundreds of games directly on their smartphones, with the possibility to play anywhere and anytime.

This is an exceptional advantage – just think about your typical public transport. There is one thing all commuters have in common – their heads are leaning towards their smartphones. Those screens are our distractions from boredom and the stagnation of not only travel but also during lunch breaks or sometimes even at work or school. In fact, gamers all over the world are downloading more than a billion titles per week. Here’s why mobile games have risen to dominance, and why all of the greatest companies in the world changed their business model to mobile-first.


Heavy gamers are more willing to spend on their favourite games

Gamers don’t mind spending small amounts of money to reach their personal goals, increase progress in a game or unlock new interesting features. They are also more willing to receive exclusive offers and high-quality content or to just gain the possibility to play more often. A lot of games rely on such microtransactions, while the downloads are usually free. Mobile players mostly spend their money on in-game currency, special items/characters, customization or just to speed up the gaming process.

This is why AppGallery listened to its game community and introduced a unique points system, which makes games even more worthy and fun. Users can obtain Huawei Points by participating in activities across apps, and use them to claim a myriad of exciting prizes.


Special offers as an ultimate gaming experience during Game Fest 2023

We understand our users’ needs and provide them with special in-game offers and regular seasonal campaigns (like Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, Ramadan etc.) with exceptional promotions.

Probably the most exciting campaign that we run every year is Game Fest, filled with a pack of exclusive and worthy benefits provided by our partners. All of those special offers and promotions include discounts with app downloads, rebates on in-app purchases and even exclusive gift packs and bonuses. During Game Fest 2023 users can claim tempting coupons, up to 100%. For loyal users who spend the most, AppGallery provides up to 1620 euros every month. The most popular games are participating in this campaign, like Summoners War, World of Tanks, Dawnland, Lord Mobile and many more. Don’t hesitate: download AppGallery to take part in this special event!

Not only Huawei users can benefit from that. The main focus of the Game Fest campaign is “to game on and make a switch!”, which encourages all Android users to choose AppGallery and start playing. AppGallery is available to all users as long as they set up a free Huawei ID account. It’s actually pretty easy to get it – you just need to download and install AppGallery, and then install HMS Core. You are all set then and ready to play! No wonder that year after year the number of Android users interested in AppGallery constantly rises.

Soon in August, the gaming community will gather for arguably the most important gaming offline event in Europe: Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. We are happy to announce that we are also going to be there along with our partners, top gamers and influencers, to provide our users with an ultimate gaming experience on-site. Join us in Hall 8 and have fun during special tournaments, playing your favourite games like World of Tank, Summoners War or Lord Mobile. You can also grab a drink and chill in our café or take a photo with cosplayers in a special photo booth!


For VIP users only

We especially like to reward the most loyal users. That’s why we created a special VIP program for the most active and engaged gamers in AppGallery. By reaching different monthly spending awards during the current month, our premium players are entitled to claim plentiful Huawei coupons, which makes the gaming experience even more entertaining. The rule is easy: the more you spend, the more you get rewarded.

Our VIP program is a great example of the trust that AppGallery gained from its top users since the very beginning. Another proof is that more and more gamers are inviting their friends and family to play with them and building communities around games. Gaming has become an ultimate social experience, especially during lockdowns, when we sought opportunities to meet with one another, but couldn’t see them face-to-face.

Jaime Gonzalo, VP of Huawei Mobile Services Europe said: “Improving users’ experience through innovation has always been at the epicentre of our DNA. This is why we are committed to exploring ways to allow gamers a richer and more immersive experience from their gaming sessions. Our vision goes beyond basic commercial deals like discounts, and into helping communities bond and together discover their next favourite title.”


Win-win partnership

All the special offers and events wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have a long-term and tight collaboration with our top partners. Introducing their ecosystem to AppGallery provides a range of benefits not only for users but also for developers. With Huawei’s active user base at 25% market share in China, it is possible to reach a bigger, previously unexplored audience, especially among 60 million Chinese overseas travelers. Thanks to specialized local teams and business hubs, working with AppGallery on onboarding and developing games is just as seamless. Developers have access to modern solutions and tools, which provide rapid distribution of games, help attract new users and increase revenue. You can learn more about the benefits for developers in the 2nd article of the series.


Best Alternative App Store

The growth and success of AppGallery were recognized in London during Mobile Games Awards 2023, as it was awarded “Best Alternative App Store”. This prestigious recognition is an acknowledgement of its dedication to users and developers and celebrates the very best in mobile.

Since its launch in 2018, AppGallery has seen uninterrupted growth, firmly establishing itself as one of the world’s top three app marketplaces. Serving over 580 million monthly active users – a 10% increase outside of China in the past 12 months – AppGallery continues to offer a wide range of popular global games and local apps that make life more convenient for users.

Why is it worth working with AppGallery then? We provide users with a wide availability of top apps and games so they have the best user experience, by granting them unique and rewarding offers and prizes. To make sure that our offer is outstanding, we build strong and collaborative partnerships with developers. We have skilled local support teams and brand cooperation, that aim to support both the brand and campaign success. One of the biggest advantages is that we help European developers reach a completely new and previously unexplored audience. You can join us as well. Visit AppGallery at: https://appgallery.huawei.com/Featured




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