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3 Jun 2021

The following is a spotlight article from IGDA Studio Affiliate UNITEDNATIONSPLAY.


A next-generation entertainment and media instrument for social impact through gamification comes out together with Happy World Game.

UNITEDNATIONSPLAY is a long-term social impact platform that allows to use gamification in the spheres of e-Learning and Finance. Their mission is to use multi-level gamification to achieve sustainable development.

The core of UNITEDNATIONSPLAY is a next-generation international multiplayer tertiary online game with multi-level interaction of players across entertainment and serious games categories. This unique UNITEDNATIONSPLAY Education Ecosystem broadcasts educational content that the player receives through gameplay.

There is a unique motivational program available for performing actions in the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY system for UNITEDNATIONSPLAY users. Bloggers and Happy World Game players have the opportunity to make an “Impact” on UNITEDNATIONSPLAY by adjust the span ranges in the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY Condition by country Indicator in real time. This is a tool for displaying the current status of the gaming world, as well as a top-level management tool in the gaming world. Thus, Happy World Game players using “Impact” are the highest level of game control in the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY ecosystem as they can directly control the range in which the game countries fluctuate.

This range adjustment with the help of real users is beneficial to System Kernel and UNITEDNATIONSPLAY participants. Data obtained from organic origins (control signals from players) allows the more accurate choice of all the parameters and terms during development, testing, and balancing of the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY System Kernel. The players of Happy World games are the first participants of the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY ecosystem, and they get the benefit in the gaming world for each “Impact”.

The UNITEDNATIONSPLAY initiative is created and developed by an international multidisciplinary team.

The following services are currently available on unitednationsplay.com, the official website of the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY initiative:

  • Registration and account management services
  • Communication services
  • UNITEDNATIONSPLAY Interactive Passport generation and sharing services
  • Happy Worlds acceptance and implementation services
  • Dashboard with achievement indicators with customized privacy
  • UNITEDNATIONSPLAY Condition by country Indicator converted by users and updated in real-time

As the functional modules and the project’s subsystems are developed, they will become open for use, and by approximately 2025, the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY ecosystem will be ready for a soft launch.

Happy World Game

The Happy World Game is a brand-new block breaker arcade game in which the player scores the Happy Worlds. A unique new arcade gaming experience that blends classic 2D Arkanoid and new control features in a new, totally compelling, challenging, and fun way!

Unlike ordinary casual and unmemorable arcade-style apps, Happy World Game gives you a unique play experience by providing the ability to change the physics of the game objects and the environmental behavior. Gameplay is intuitive and elegant: you must influence the behavior of the runner by tapping the screen. If you’re successful in your efforts, you’ll be able to score Happy Worlds and blast off to the next level. Happy Worlds can be transmitted to UNITEDNATIONSPLAY if the player wishes.

Spectacular visual effects, ultra-cool graphics, and audio content brings your device’s screen to life, adds to your unique gaming experience, and immerses you in a whole new, exciting world.

iOS and Android players looking for a gaming experience that combines smart thinking and play can now download the Happy World Game and get ready for challenging and exciting gameplay. It’s an enjoyable mobile arcade game for players of all ages. The Happy World Game was originally developed by the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY team in 2020 and released in 2021 within the Happyworld.games initiative.

“Observing the systematic negativity caused by COVID-19 in various areas: people’s health and quality of life, national economies dynamics, mass isolation, me and a group of like-minded people decided that world needed some kind of emotional outburst – a counterbalance to this negativity” said Egor Krupnov about the beginning stages of the Happyworld.games initiative.

“We thought about how exactly we can help, considering the isolation, and positively influence the mood of at least some people. As a result, we started to sketch out the idea of ​​developing a game that could help with this situation.

“Originally, the main idea of the Happy World Game was to create a pandemic response game with the following adage: Once upon a time … An evil sorcerer with the nickname Divoc_91 decided to make the whole world unhappy. He destroyed the treasury of happiness and hid Happy Worlds in different corners. While playing the Happy World Game, help collect all the hidden Happy Worlds.

“Then we realized that this stand-alone game could be part of the development game system of the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY project. To fulfill this, we have included in Happy World Game the function of transferring collected points to the project system for their subsequent beneficial use both for players and for UNITEDNATIONSPLAY.

“We were so carried away by the Happy World Game design that, at the moment, we have developed concept cases for a whole series of games, and, accordingly, Happyworld.games is now a separate initiative.”

Happyworld.games initiative

The Happyworld.games initiative is an element for assisting with development, testing, and balancing the UNITEDNATIONSPLAY System Kernel. Games released within the Happyworld.games initiative are a series of arcade games for mobile devices that feature exciting action, unique gameplay, bright humor, and funny game characters. While playing these iOS/Android games, players earn Happy Worlds – a UNITEDNATIONSPLAY Impact Points. By confirming the transmission of Happy Worlds in any Happy World Game, the players come to UNITEDNATIONSPLAY and can make an impact on the mechanisms of the System Kernel.




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