Games for Good – ITN / IGDA Programme

International Games Developers Association (IGDA) and ITN Productions Industry News launch a bespoke co-production to raise awareness of the gaming industry and the importance of gaming in society.

Games For Good will preview on 23rd August on the Devcom and Gamescom platforms and officially launch on 27th August 2021 at 3pm BST on the Main Stage at Devcom and will be available to view on demand on this page. You can view the full programme now:

Anchored by ITN Productions presenter Michael Underwood, Games for Good showcases how games are not only for entertainment but are increasingly being used for education and social and environmental impact. The programme features interviews with industry leaders discussing how the perception of gaming has changed dramatically in recent years. Renee Gittins, IGDA Executive Director joins the programme to discuss the important work going on in the industry, the exciting career opportunities and development initiatives inspiring the next generation of developers and the future of the gaming industry.

Creating an inclusive culture is at the forefront of IGDA’s values, to support both the sector and gamers alike. In a special news item for the programme, ITN Productions reporter Nick Thatcher talks to volunteers from IGDA’s Accessibility Special Interest Group (SIG) to learn more about how they are improving accessibility of games.

In a studio interview, Michael Underwood talks to Susanna Pollack, Games for Change President, a not-for-profit organisation helping to make a difference through games and immersive media. Susanna reveals how Games for Changes are supporting the younger generation and how video games help to create change.

Games for Good shines a spotlight on the passionate creative people working in development – who care for their players – and display the international and collaborative scope of the industry. Games developer Ubisoft Future Games of London, talk to reporter Oruj Defoite to show how they are changing industry perceptions by encouraging their players to give back to the planet.

The video games sector is growing rapidly in Serbia and games developer Nordeus are at the forefront of the revolution. In an interview Milan Jocoić and Miloš Đuričanin explain how Nordeus are working closely with the local community and helping the country’s growth.

Video games today are so much more than the players spending all their time in front of a screen. At NCsoft/ArenaNet there’s a strong ethos behind their games that puts building communities front and centre, emphasises inclusivity and fosters understanding at the heart of their created world.

"We are so excited to share the power of change, collaboration, and career opportunities that are part of games and the game industry. It has been an honor to work with ITN Productions on the "Games for Good" Programme and we know it will shine a bright light on the positive impact of the game industry."

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Productions Industry News said: “We are excited to be partnering with IGDA to make a programme which demonstrates how games can be a force for good in society.  Gaming often receives negative attention and Games for Good explores how gaming is addressing real-world challenges from climate change awareness to upskilling the next generation.”