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14 Sep 2020

Webinar: How to Market Your Video Games

Webinar: How to Market Your Video Games

Webinar: Monday September 14th @ 11am ET


In 2019, Steam alone released 8,290 games on their platform. With so many platforms, genres and gamers increasingly demanding for better quality in gameplay and stories, making a great games is not enough. As a game developer, you have to see yourself as an entrepreneur first, and learn the tropes of different business tactics. How do you perform market research? How do you market to the whales of the gaming community? How do you secure funding for you and your team, and what are the do’s and don’ts when closing a publishing deal?

Pontus Mähler has been involved in the gaming industry for over a decade, starting from his rise in the esport world, to CEO of a gaming organization, to Director of Business Development at GTR, a videogame global accelerator, and in this webinar, he will share his experience in helping game studios around the world to close deals and improve their pitches, by giving insights in the needs and wants of publishers and investors.

Who might be interested?

  • Game developers
  • Head of studios
  • Business Developers
  • Gaming entrepreneurs
  • Marketing managers

What is the content

  • Understanding the needs of all the stakeholders, from gamers to investors
  • Your ammo in negotiations
  • When to start market research
  • Not all gamers are created equal
  • How to approach gamers in different markets
  • How to pitch data

Speaker and company:

Pontus Mähler, Director of Business Development at GTR, a videogames global studio accelerator.

Game accelerator, angel investor, consultants, mentors and supporter of the game industry ecosystem.




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