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14 Apr 2021

Webinar: Enabling a Successful Remote Gaming Studio

Webinar: Enabling a Successful Remote Gaming Studio

What’s the secret recipe for enabling a successful remote game development & design studio?

Together, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Teradici and Wacom provide the key ingredients and ideal solution for studios of all shapes & sizes:
• Agile cloud computing infrastructure & services to power your business
• Powerful, ultra-secure remote workstations for graphic-intensive 3D applications
• Uncompromised user experience for artists with no lag, color accuracy, and multimonitor 4K resolution


Dave Moore – Teradici

Tommy Gustaveson – Teradici

Joe Sliger – Wacom

Join us and learn how we help remote game developers & designers accelerate creativity and streamline workflows, while one of our artists creates content on-demand using Teradici’s remote workstation with a Wacom endpoint, powered by AWS Cloud.

Featuring Justin Fields performing a live demo.

Justin Fields is a character and creature designer, who has worked on many films such as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Jupiter Ascending, The Wolverine, and the Goosebumps movie!

Registration page:

Enabling a Successful Remote Gaming Studio Webinar (teradici.com)




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