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21 Feb 2020

Two Hat Webinar – Defining, Identifying and Actioning Offensive Chat: Approaches and Frameworks

Two Hat Webinar - Defining, Identifying and Actioning Offensive Chat: Approaches and Frameworks

This webinar will start by examining why defining, identifying and actioning offensive chat matters to game development. It will include tangible stats and will also provide an overview of the five layers of community protection (Community Guidelines, Classify & Filter, Player Reputation, User Reports, and Transparency Reporting) with actionable takeaways for creating internal alignment on categories and terminology, and action plans for identifying and addressing chat-related disruptive behaviors in a manner that’s sustainable and scalable.


Liza Wood, Director, Research and Data Science, Two Hat

After 13 years in video game development, Liza joined Two Hat Security as Director of Research and Data Science in August 2019. There she leads a team of researchers who are helping customers and partners build safe and healthy online communities by removing negative interactions to make room for positive human connections. Prior to starting this new phase of her career, she was the Executive Producer of Disney’s Club Penguin Island, the successor to Club Penguin, where she saw the positive impact that online communities can have.

Carlos Figueiredo, Director, Community Trust and Safety, Two Hat

Committed to industry collaboration and enabling awesome player interactions, Carlos spent the last 11 years (including 6 years at Disney Interactive Studios) keeping online gaming communities healthy. Director of Community Trust & Safety for Two Hat Security, and one of the co-founders of the Fair Play Alliance, Carlos has spoken at GDC, Game UX Summit, and RovioCon.

This webinar will be streamed on the IGDA Twitch Channel from 6 pm to 7 pm EST(Free). No RSVP is required.

Disclaimer: The webinar will include anonymized and general examples of offensive chat patterns, some colourful language may be used for the sake of science.





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