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04 Mar 2021

TW presents: Under the surface of entertainment – Women in Gaming

TW presents: Under the surface of entertainment - Women in Gaming

Under the surface of entertainment – Women in Gaming

Presentation & Panel discussion with Martina Terlevic, Renee Gittins, Brie Wendt and Charlotte Oetken as host


Martina Terlevic explores the representation and treatment of women and minority populations in gaming as a culture, industry, and artform. Examining contemporary research into the popularity of interactive entertainment among said populations worldwide, testimonies from individuals who have faced ostracization, stereotyping, and harassment within online gaming communities, and her own experience as a player and livestreamer, Martina presents an overview of issues facing inclusion within the industry and its fancommunities and steps they have taken to address them.
Renee Gittins and Brie Wendt, both members of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), will join the moderated panel round as experts and representatives of the gaming industry to engage in the discussion about the important topic of Women in Gaming, to answer questions and to share their thoughts.


More information or to register: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/ThoughtWorks-Berlin/events/276308006/




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