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19 May 2022

Towards Anti-Racist Game Development in Europe

Towards Anti-Racist Game Development in Europe

About the workshop series

Many game studios in Europe and around the world are increasingly invested in diversity and inclusion as part of their mission to create a positive working environment.

However, when it comes to anti-racism, the active confrontation of racist structures and biases, terms like “diversity” and “inclusion” are often not enough to tackle these problems. Even progressive game developers might struggle to:

  1. understand what racial bias is and how it may affect their work
  2. constructively confront racism in their day-to-day creative practice

Towards Anti-Racist Game Development in Europe is a free online workshop series which supports Europe-based professionals in the games industry to get started on their anti-racist journeys. These workshops will run on 28 March, 28 April, 19 May, and 9 June, 2022. All workshops are facilitated by members of the Anti-Racist Forum Finland and are free. The workshops will use safer space guidelines and are:

  • Participant led
  • Interactive and activity-based
  • Providing room for critical reflection
  • Focused on concrete applications for game professionals

Workshop goals

1. Raising anti-racist awareness

The workshop series provides personalised input to increase game developers’ awareness around racism, racial bias and structural whiteness in the industry and beyond. The focus is specifically on a European context and caters to professionals who are just getting started on the subject.

2. Providing tools for critical action

The workshop series is designed to provide game developers with custom-tailored tools and resources for a more critical work practice in the games industry. Throughout the series, participants develop tools to be applied in their day-to-day studio setting.

Conditions for participation

The workshops are free of charge. All game developers in Europe are eligible to attend. Please note that:

  • By signing up, you commit to attending all four workshops
    • Workshop 1: Approaching Racism in Play
    • Workshop 2: Race and Representation in Games
    • Workshop 3: Race and Power in Game Design
    • Workshop 4: Anti-Racist Strategies in Game Development
  • Workshop spots are limited and assigned on a first come, first served basis
  • Workshops take place online and are held in English

Visit the White-Play website for more details on how to register.




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