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26 Jul 2023

Road to Devcom Workshop

Road to Devcom Workshop

Dates: Wednesday, July 12, July 19, July 26, August 7

Time: UTC: 15:00 – 16:00, 8am to 9am Pacific Time



This workshop exclusively for IGDA Members.

A crash course before Gamescom on networking, negotiating, and communicating in different cultures. This series from Conduit covers business development skills every game developer should have before attending a convention, or talking with just about anyone outside your team.

Over four sessions, we’ll take you from the essentials of networking, to marketing your game, to negotiating publisher contracts.

  1. The Basics of Networking: how to network, make a connection with someone
  2. Selling Yourself and Your Game: how to talk about yourself, post about your game esp leading up to Gamescom
  3. Negotiating: basics of contract negotiation, publisher example
  4. Cross Cultural Differences: insights into different country personal and business cultures


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Kai loves connecting people, and helping creators succeed. While at Amazon Prime Gaming, he and his team successfully negotiated hundreds of partnerships with studios, publishers, and platforms. He’s also worked with some of the largest content creators while at Twitch, and musicians while at SoundCloud. Now building Conduit from the ground up, Kai and the Conduit team help game developers find players, build community, and turn games into successful businesses with low-cost, automated tools.




GC enjoys working with developers and studios on their business and financial strategy. His business development experience covers projects and deals across US, Europe and Asia. He currently advises several early stage game studios, such as WIldseed Games in the US and Pippop Studios in Singapore. GC is always excited to meet new developers and learn about the innovative games they’re creating.




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