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15 Sep 2022

Quantum Game Jam 2022

Quantum Game Jam 2022

Mark your calendars!
We welcome you to join the online Quantum Game Jam, an event where you will collaborate with game developers, quantum physicists, visual artists, musicians, coders and others in order to develop games that connect to quantum physics either through real machinery or simply thematically. Materials about both game development and quantum physics is provided for anyone interested, but do not feel obligated to study them!. No prerequisites required, merely the curiosity and an interest in quantum games!

This in in particular we are collaborating with the Quantum Game Hackathon 2022, that is starting later this month — by further developing your jam game, you are able to participate the hackathon and aim at the prices!

Discord will serve as the main platform for the jam, so do join our Quantum Game community in our dedicated server.  Consider using your real name or adding it to the server specific nickname and feel free to introduce yourself, your talents and background at the specific introductory channels to get a role and for others to find you! The official registration form will be shared at the beginning of the event,  follow discord!

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12 Dec 2023

SIGGRAPH Asia 2023

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17 Oct 2023

GameSoundCon 2023

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13 Oct 2023

First event of 2023 – Friday, October 13th

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