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10 Nov 2021

Pathfindin.gs 2021

Pathfindin.gs 2021
A transcontinental collaboration to make and support games from the global south.

Pathfindin.gs is a celebration of and collaboration with game developers in the Global South. This conference aims to elevate and give a platform to otherwise marginalized voices, breaking down the barriers that currently exist, and making opportunities accessible for everyone. It is meant to explore and educate individuals on the differences and similarities that we have even though we are continents apart. This three-day online conference will touch on development practices, culture, heritage, diaspora and decolonization with developers and the community, presented by speakers from the Global South. When you register, you gain access to Publishers from across the world.

This event will be streamed by the IGDA on Twitch.

Sponsor/Partnership opportunities to be made available shortly! This event is FREE for game developers and $150 USD for all publishers and third parties.

Register today!

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