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19 Sep 2022

LocSIG – AMA Arabic in game localization with Eman Abdo

LocSIG - AMA Arabic in game localization with Eman Abdo

We are happy to announce that Eman Abdo will join us for the next live AMA (Ask me Anything) on September 16th, 7 p.m. CEST!


Eman Abdo is an English to Arabic translator specialized in localization and transcreation, mainly in game localization, e-learning, and marketing. She is the author of Egypt Localization Guide, and a linguist at heart trying to correct the way the Arabic language is perceived. She’s also the force behind the localization of many apps and games into Arabic.

Eman will answer all your questions about Arabic in game localization!

The live will happen here: https://youtu.be/LLy3suKYIJY


This is a public event, you can share this and invite anyone you would like to attend it, everyone is welcome!

If you would like to suggest guests for further AMAs feel free to send us a private message, we plan to schedule one per month and hope it will help to better represent localization different profiles, and share some experiences.





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