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17 Nov 2022

IGDA Webinar: Nom Nom Data

IGDA Webinar: Nom Nom Data













NOVEMBER 17, 2022  |  11 am Central Time

Is your game’s data architecture in good health? You might be surprised by what you find.

Refactoring code to manage sessions, event structures, and changing the way calls are made will cost you release cycles and significant data loss. In this webinar, we’ll cover three topics to help you avoid these issues: (1) million dollar mistakes to avoid when storing data for your games; (2) tips and tricks seasoned gaming companies employ to become 10x more efficient; and (3) core infrastructure components you should implement before hiring your analytics and data teams.

If you can build games with a data architecture plan from the start, you will save time, money, and headaches. Everyone on your team from data analyst to executive will thank you for making their job a little easier.

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About the Speaker:

Nam Nguyen is the Founder of Nom Nom Data. He has had decades of experience working as a data analyst, data architect, data engineer, database administrator, and back-end software developer across various industries.

By combining best of breed strategies across all types of data and various industries he has developed a framework for building data warehouses and managing data. The framework allows companies like SciPlay, Ink Games, and Clover to manage their data at a scale, cost, and efficiency they didn’t think possible.

*This is a sponsored webinar brought to you by IGDA.





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