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08 Sep 2020

IGDA Philly September Meeting: An Evening with Steve Mazzeo

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia

Harold Ramis was right. There’s definitely a very slim chance we’ll survive…or die

The randomness we encounter games shapes the ludological stories we tell around those games. Yes, there are a lot of factors but the amount and type of randomness designers include in the game most often is the reason we’re telling a story of amazing triumph or abysmal woe. The rules often shove the results of randomness in our face. Then we contemplate what could have happened if the RNG went our way, or we pulled that card, or we rolled just a little better. The good stories aren’t about blame or whining, they’re about the classical idea of the gods nudging a die or moving a card to the top of the deck for one player or another.

Pre-reg for the event here: https://drexel.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_PTFp8jWSQrSMV9OHZoWCPg






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