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07 Jul 2022

IGDA LA Indie Spotlight: Crispy Creative with Kylan Coats

California - Los Angeles

Kylan Coats is going to share his experience starting Crispy Creative and working on “A Long Journey to an Uncertain End”!

About this event

Kyan Coats is going to speak about his experience launching an indie studio and working on their debut title “A Long Journey to an Uncertain End”, a game focused on bringing to life stories about diverse crew members and overcoming trauma. He’ll share his perspective on taking the leap to start the studio, recruiting the crew, running a Kickstarter, their long term goals, and the game itself.

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End is a narrative focused Space Opera that’ll have you flying around the universe assembling an unruly crew from an eclectic cast of characters and taking any job you can to keep one step ahead of your abusive Ex. The twist: you’re not just piloting a ship… you are the ship.

Crispy’s About Us:

Based in Los Angeles, Crispy is a fully remote indie studio made up of former Obsidian Entertainment and Telltale Games developers. The studio was founded to craft excellent games and experiences, as well as take creative risks other studios may shy away from. All the while enforcing a healthy work/life balance without crunch. Starting with their first title, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, their games are meant to be radically inclusive, not only in the stories told or the characters brought to life, but with the people telling those stories. Respecting the player’s time and a desire to not only entertain, but inform and enrich, are further key studio goals with every project.

Kylan Coats:

With 14+ years in the games industry, Kylan has worked on both the developer and publisher side at large AAA studios to small indies. He’s spoken at SXSW, MIGS, and White Nights, as well as been featured in Wired and Polygon. Past titles include the Outer Worlds, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. He’s now the creative director of the indie studio, Crispy Creative, where they’re releasing their first title, the space opera adventure A Long Journey to an Uncertain End.






Kylan Coats


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