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11 Oct 2019


GDEX | Columbus, OH

Who knew? In the heart of the U.S. > in the heart of Ohio > in the heart of Columbus > is a treasure chest full of epic sh*#%t called GDEX 2019! Spend your weekend looting all the awesomeness at this expo for gamers, artists, tech geeks, and energy drink aficionados (just us?! Ok then.)!

GDEX is the Industry Event of the Region, offering more to do, see, and learn than any other Gaming and Creative Technology expo in the Midwest. We’ve got industry professional speakers, indy games, new tech, tournaments, raffles, charity drives, and the best damn community in all the land!

And better yet, GDEX and IGDA have teamed up to provide IGDA members with a 20% off discount code!

So, do you like…

  • New Games from loads of Indie and Larger studios?
  • Tons of New Tech?
  • Tournaments and Freeplay?
  • Lots to see, do, and learn?
  • Charity raffles with unique and one of a kind items?
  • Cosplay, Awesome Art, and More?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, mark your calendars for October 11th – 13th and purchase your weekend pass to GDEX 2019!





Columbus, Ohio

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