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22 Dec 2020

“Gaming as a Force for Good: Philanthropy in the Gaming World” Panel

"Gaming as a Force for Good: Philanthropy in the Gaming World" Panel

Video games have been regarded poorly by the public in the past, but the ways they empower change, community, and positive growth in the world is becoming more recognized. Join the IGDA and Leyline on IGDA’s Twitch to hear about how games are a force for good as part of the Holiday Cheer Hackathon.


Jeremy Dela Rosa
Justin “Boogy” Smith
Cody Urban
Yugina Yun


Marc Dion

The Holiday Cheer Hackathon is a two week event that provides support and community to all developers who may be unable to see their friends and family during this holiday season. This panel is one of multiple social and educational events during this period, while everyone is encouraged to work together on projects that will span from holiday cards and songs to stories and, of course, games!




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