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26 Oct 2022

Games Job Fair Autumn ’22

Games Job Fair Autumn '22

Are you a game developer looking for a challenge to hone and showcase your Programming and/or Art Skills? Games Job Fair—a recruitment, networking, and career-building event for the games industry—is preparing something special for you during its October iteration. 

The 3-Day (Oct 26-28) online, free for talents event hosts games studios from Europe such as Remedy, FunPlus, InnoGames, Trailmix Games, and more, as well as over 1500 skilled game developers. 

As part of its opportunities available to job seeking devs, organizer Games Factory Talents will be hosting Programming and Art Challenges sponsored by attending studios.


Show Your Stuff, Get Feedback, Win Prizes

If you are an Unreal Engine developer, the Programming challenge designed around it will give you about 2 weeks to create a simple game, upload it to itch.io and provide the judges with the code. If you are among the three winners, your work will be reviewed by the Tech Leads of the sponsoring studios.

Similarly for Art, skilled game artists have the ability to feature their talent as an entry, with a sponsoring studio’s Art Lead up for reviewing and providing feedback upon the talent winning in a category. Both challenges also offer other amazing prizes!



During the event you can book one-on-one meetings with a talent or studio representative, participate in virtual booth networking, and use the respective group chat functions. Games Job Fair is also bringing back in-person meetings, as studios and talents can attend a short meet-up during the last day (October 28th) in Helsinki, Finland. 



Attend diverse games industry talks and discussions by leading professionals such as “Creating your career in games,” “Changing pipelines, from Max to Blender,” “The evolution of Game Design tools and processes while growing a product,” “When it just isn’t working – Pivots,” and more.



Whether you’re looking for practical advice on your job search, ways to boost your brand, insight on the latest technologies used by studios, or a hands-on chance to hone your skills, there will be plenty of ways to achieve it all.


How to Join

For Talents: Easily, through this registration form. All applications are screened by Games Factory Talents to ensure the applicant is a good match for the event. In the meantime, join the fun on their Discord server!

For Studios: If you are interested in expanding your employer branding, and connecting with a talent pool of 1500+ highly skilled games industry professionals, you can find the relevant information and form on the event’s Studio page.


Event Highlights

🎮 Job openings in gamedev

🎙️ Talks, panels, review sessions

💻 Programming & art challenges

🙋 Networking with peers, studios

🗺️ Onsite meet-up in Helsinki


About Games Factory Talents

Games Factory Talents (GFT) is a recruitment agency based in Finland dedicated to the games industry. Their mission is ‘Connecting Passion & Talent’ from across the globe.

For more on the event, check out GamesJobFair.com.




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