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22 Feb 2020

Games Emerge Conference

Games Emerge Conference | Islamabad,

Games Emerge Conference (GEC) is Pakistan’s biggest game industry event that gathers national, international industry veterans and aspiring game developers, game designers, game artists, producers, and publishers together under one roof. The primary goal of GEC is to promote the video game development industry in Pakistan. The event aims to provide learning, mentoring and networking opportunities for video game development students and industry professionals.

PixelArt Games Academy hosts GEC 2020 to continue the legacy of creating and promoting a vibrant community of game developers in Pakistan. The 2 day conference will be filled with talks, panel sessions and workshops by industry veterans. This will be the first time that international speakers and renowned game developers will travel to Pakistan to speak on stage. Through this undertaking, we aim to further bridge the gap between the local and international game industry.
GEC will also host Games Showcase & Awards, where local game developers will be able to showcase their games to professional mentors, potential investors, and publishers. Such a platform can help boost the developer’s finances and network, and help them achieve their goal of bringing their product to the market. The best entries to the showcase will be selected and given awards based on their engagement, immersiveness, social impact, and other criteria.

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Islamabad, Pakistan

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