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12 Sep 2023



GameJamPlus 23/24, the biggest competitive game jam in Latin America and one of the biggest in the Global scenario, is about to start and the IGDA chapters can host the event!

The goal is to encourage the creation of games combined with a business vision, in order to allow beginners or hobby developers to find opportunities for growth in the market.

For this, the competition is structured based on the principles of competitiveness and developer education.

In 8 months, jammers will participate in the following stages:

1st Game Jam

The traditional 48-hour marathon, where developers will create games based on jam themes and categories. This step is decentralised and takes place at the local GJ+ venues, spread across four regions: Brazil, Africa, Asia, Latam and Europe.

2nd Incubation

At the end of the 1st Stage, the games that opted in will have the Incubation available, which lasts 3 months and aims to provide educational content focused on improving game development skills. From this stage, the teams are competing to deliver the improved game and will undergo a selection for the next stage.

Continental Semifinals

Series of events held in each GameJamPlus region, with a focus on publicising the 60 best rated games during the Incubation stage and therefore selected for the last stage of the competition.

3rd Acceleration

The 60 best projects from the Incubation stage will move on to the Acceleration stage, where the contents will focus on business topics, such as the creation of marketing plans, pitch practice, Intellectual Property protection issues, etc.

Grand final

This event is considered a celebration stage. In it, the games with the best grades in technical, thematic and business aspects will receive their awards. The event will take place in June 2024, in Brazil.



How can your chapter take part?

The 1st Stage of the event is due to the efforts of local organisers, from the most diverse cities and countries in the world. In the last edition, we reached 30 countries, which connected with our community, and enabled the creation of more than 400 games

The proposal is to create a venue in the city or country of the chapter or to indicate ecosystem agents who can organise the event locally.

The 1st Stage will start on October 20, 2023.

By doing so, your chapter can be part of this community and approach both new local developers and a wide variety of developers from the international scene.

In addition, you will have access to incubation and acceleration dynamics, in addition to being able to create visibility for your activities and increase your portfolio of impacted developers.

If you are interested in joining this community, just contact the GameJamPlus Global representative, João Lucas Derze, using the contacts below:

Email: joaolderze@gmail.com

Discord: ojoaoderze

GameJamPlus appreciates your attention and hopes that we can create opportunities for more and more game developers together!

Best regards,


João Lucas Derze e Silva

GameJamPlus Relationship Team




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