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18 Dec 2020

Game Industry Ultimate Holiday Party Palooza

Game Industry Ultimate Holiday Party Palooza

We’re going to party like it’s 2019! Look, this year has been a rough enough year as it is, and the fact that most of us can’t physically get together to send it off with a proper commiseration/celebration is super disappointing. However, Games Industry Gathering (GIG) figured out a way to do this in a virtual space that is actually fun and won’t give you video call fatigue, plus it gives folks the chance to hang out and network with NEW friends, while recreating the kind of atmosphere we used to have at the bars and venues around gaming conventions (plus much safer too). Once registered, you’ll be able to join at any point during the 22 hour event, You’ll then be placed into a random breakout room with 4-5 other gaming industry folks for 20 minutes, where you’ll have a chance to chat with people who you may not typically meet, find unique opportunities to socialize, and maybe even have some interesting business discussions.


For more info: http://games.industrygathering.com/2020party/




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