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29 Mar 2022

Game Design Challenge

Game Design Challenge


The “Games for All” Game Design Challenge empowers K-12 students to create their own video game through a collaborative, creative and critical thinking journey. IGDA and Legends of Learning are proud to host the Spring ’22 Game Design Challenge!

The theme for the Spring ’22 Game Design Challenge is Games For All

The goal of this theme is for all participants to create a video game that cultivates inclusion among players in a collaborative way. Dell, along with Legends of Learning and IGDA, firmly believes in equity within our communities, and that technology (including video games!) is a way to bridge the gaps between people of different genders, cultures, orientations, socioeconomic statuses and abilities.


About this event

The “Games for All” Game Design Challenge launches on 4 April, 2022. Epic Games invites all 6th through 12th grade participating teachers to a pre-launch presentation on Building Player to Creator Pathways with Interactive 3D.

Using sandbox games like Fortnite Creative in the classroom allows educators to meet students where they are and allows students to leverage their in-game skills to express knowledge with in-game graphics and tools. Fortnite Creative tools are simple and intuitive, and use the same controls that millions of student-players already know. Many of these in-game controls are skills that are transferable to industry-standard tools such as Twinmotion and Unreal Engine. Participants will be introduced to interactive 3D and real-time technology across various industries, including advertising, game development, architecture, engineering, automotive, film, and entertainment. Findings from a recent Burning Glass report on the growing demand for real-time 3D skills and how we prepare students and the future workforce for jobs in an immersive world.

Teaching resources for Fortnite Creative, Twinmotion, and Unreal Engine will be shared. Participants will leave with an understanding of the suite of Epic Games’ 3D interactive resources and the potential they have to prepare students for real-world skills using industry-standard tools.

All sessions will be taking place on Twitch, a live-streaming service used frequently in the gaming community. All sessions will take place using the same link (provided post-registration), but in order to engage in chat, you will need to sign up for an account in advance. To learn more, visit twitch.tv.

The recording will be available on YouTube on 30 March.

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