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25 Jun 2019

Game Audio Intensive Workshop

Game Audio Intensive Workshop | San Francisco, CA

The SF-State School of Music is pleased to announce its 2019 summer hands on game audio workshop.

In this workshop, you will produce and implement audio directly into 2d, 3d and VR games. This year’s workshop features an added fourth day, where we will break out into affinity groups and go even further in depth on specific subjects such as teaching resources for game audio in the classroom, Wwise, FMOD, Fabric Middleware, content creation and more!

All of our courses, workshops, and game lessons are designed to break down and expose the essentials of game audio workflow. Maybe you’re  a game designer who needs to understand more about how sound works, or a composer or sound designer in the Film/TV industry with a desire to break into the game business, perhaps you’re already a professional audio instructor or teacher who has been tasked with creating a course in game audio at your school or institution. From the beginning designer just starting out, to seasoned veterans, don’t worry, this workshop has you covered!

More Information: https://gameaudioinstitute.com/




San Francisco, California

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