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09 Mar 2022

devcom Call for Change Summit

devcom Call for Change Summit

The global games industry has become an economic behemoth that keeps on growing. This growth, however, also results in an unavoidable ecological footprint that can neither be denied nor ignored and that demands accountability.


Games as a Messenger

It is refreshing to see more and more developers use the potential of games to tackle serious topics and spread important messages – in a playful yet impactful way. We will take a stroll through the wonderful world of gaming and look at titles that deal with issues such as climate change and environmental protection.


Developing an eco-friendly Industry

The games industry is the sixth largest industry worldwide and the question of its sustainability is legitimate.

While ‘Green Gaming’ has begun to raise awareness, thereby gaining increasing traction over the past few years, the industry as a whole – and that definitely includes the players – still has a long way to go.


Join the devcom Call for Change Summit #1, 2022 to learn more about the industry’s impact on the environment and climate change, about how to reduce your studio’s carbon footprint, as well as a variety of eco-initiatives, and learn from fellow industry representatives about what you can do to do your part.

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