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10 May 2021

Beyond Games

Beyond Games

Beyond Games is a week-long conference exploring the future of interactive entertainment 


May 10-14, 2021




This is where games meet music, film, sports, social media, culture, influencers, fashion, technology, lifestyle and loads more… As the lines blur between online experiences, social networking, games, and traditional entertainment formats, we’ll help connect the dots and plot a vision of the future. Welcome to a new five-day conference discussing emerging opportunities in the digital entertainment sector. There will be multiple tracks of talks, panels, round-tables and insights from 50+ experienced speakers representing multiple leading companies and disciplines and looking to explore the possibilities of tomorrow’s games – and beyond.


What is it?

  • A professional conference with talks, panels and meetings (May 10-14. 2021)
  • Dedicated to the intersection of games technology and other media: film, music, TV, comics, art, fashion, sport
  • A new knowledge- and contact-sharing event for people across the entertainment verticals
  • The theme is transmedia, convergence and the metaverse
  • Session topics include “The Power Of Immersive Reality In The Metaverse”, “The Art Of Storytelling In An Age Of AI And Interactivity”, “What Games Can Learn From Films And Comics” and “Beyond the Black Mirror: what are the ethical implications of the metaverse?”
  • Companies sending speakers include Archie Comics, Behaviour Interactive, Efimero Films, Graphite Music, Portobello, Institut for the Future, the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival, Maze Theory, Roblox, Rovio, Recontact Games and more. 


Who is it for?

  • People working in the creative, entertainment and lifestyle industries – and games
  • All welcome: from junior designers looking to educate themselves, to C-level execs looking for insight to help with decision making
  • Creatives from all disciplines are particularly welcome (we have subsidised tickets for them)
  • There will be plenty of strategic overview content for thought-leaders and decision-makers 
  • If you work in film, TV, music, fashion, sport, comics or any of the lifestyle and creative industries, the conference will explain why everybody seems to be talking about games, game tech and gamification at the moment
  • If you work in the games sector, the conference will present you with case studies from companies that are working with the most exciting intellectual properties and breaking ground on new entertainment formats across other media types


Why attend?

  • Discover what’s next for interactive technologies
  • Meet new partners with distinct visions to bring to your business
  • Work on your business vision for the next 10 years
  • Be inspired


Who’s behind this?

Beyond Games is hosted by the makers of the world-famous Pocket Gamer Connects professional conference series. More than 30,000 industry professionals have attended the live Connects international conference series since 2014. Since October 2019, Steel Media Ltd has been part of the Enthusiast Gaming group. Enthusiast Gaming is the largest gaming network in North America and the United Kingdom.

Anything else I should know?
We will also be launching a brand new website BeyondGames.biz which will launch around the time of the first conference (early May) and continue the mission of exploring the frontiers and future of games on a daily basis. Selected content from the event will also be covered on this site.


How can I get involved?




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