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23 Jun 2020

Being Black in Game Audio

Being Black in Game Audio


Despite often vocal commitments to diversity in our industry, Black Game Audio folks continue to be severely underrepresented.

In partnership with the IGDAInteractive Audio Special Interest Group (IASIG), and Black In Games, we will hear from 8 Black game composers about their experiences and thoughts on inclusivity over the course of 2 panels on the IGDA Twitch channel (www.twitch.tv/igda)

Panelists Wilbert Roget II, Jasmine Cooper, Chase Bethea, Hassan DuRant, Devlon Samuels, John Smith, Calbert Warner, Joshua Matthews, will discuss networking while Black, how Black-ness affects perceptions of professionalism, and activism burnout.

Learn more about these panelists on their websites:

Wilbert Roget II: http://www.rogetmusic.com/
Jasmine Cooper: http://perennialsounds.com/
Hassan Durant: https://www.hadurant.com/
Chase Bethea: https://chasebethea.com/
Devlon Samuels: https://devlonsamuels.bandcamp.com/
Calbert Warner: http://www.schematistmusic.com/
Joshua Joe Sua Matthews: https://www.joesua.com/
John Hamilton Smith: http://www.slide20xx.com/




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