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03 Dec 2021

Backtrace GameJam #3

Backtrace GameJam #3

Welcome to the latest Game Jam hosted by Backtrace!  Compete with fellow game developers, designers, and artists to make an awesome game and win  $2500 USD (and $500 goes to most creative)!  Join our community and see how Backtrace helps game developers identify, prioritize, and debug errors across all devices!

What You Need to Know

When does the jam take place? The jam starts at 2 PM EST on Friday, 3 December and ends at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, 5 December.

What is the theme? The theme will be announced via the Vimeo channel when the game jam starts.

Who can participate?  Anyone 18 years or older!  You can work alone or in teams of 6.

How do I win the prize? The prize will go to the game jam entry who scores the highest ranking from our Backtrace judges!  Our judges will be rating games based on 1) 30% Creative use of the jam’s theme, 2) 30% Gameplay Fun 3) 30% Visual Presentation and 4) 10% Sound/Music.  The second prize of $500 will go to the team whos community rank is the highest  in the “Creative use of the jam’s theme” category!

What do I need to do in order to be eligible for the prize? Backtrace judges will consider you eligible for the prize if you have integrated Backtrace into your game jam entry and follow our rules / code of conduct.  For a full list of rules, links to our integration guides, and more detailed information, see below.

What assets can I use? The game should be created during the jam’ time frame, but you are free to use any assets (Sound, Music, 2D or 3D Art, Fonts) which you have the legal permission to use.  See the full rules below for more details.

What is the best way to engage with the community and ask questions? Join our Discord!

What engines can I use?  You are free to use any engine as long as you create a build that can run on Windows or browsers.  However, Backtrace has fully supported SDKs for Unity and Unreal so those will be the easiest to fulfill the Backtrace integration requirement for prize eligibility.  See the detailed rules for more on this below.

I want to join the jam with a team but all my friends are busy!  What should I do? Our Discord server has a channel dedicated to helping you find a team.  Get in there and make some new friends!

How will I know if my team won?  Public voting will close down two weeks after the game jam ends.  After this, Backtrace judges will finalize their picks within one week, at which point we will announce the winner!


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