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09 Apr 2021

Game of Code

Game of Code

The hackathon made in Luxembourg is back! Just like last year, Game of Code will be organized in a full digital mode, from April 9th to 11th. In total, the competition will last 36 hours, where teams of coders from all around the world are welcome: will they be able to solve the challenges cooked specifically by the events’ partners?

This year, participants from all over the world will be able to participate in Luxembourg’s biggest hackathon and will therefore represent their countries. This globalization of Game of Code was made possible thanks to the digitalization of the event, which started last year due to the health situation. “We first turned this landmark event into an online competition last year and are now more than happy to welcome international coders and tech-savvy experts. More than just representing their countries and raising their home flag, coders will be able to present their project to a jury of seasoned professionals, entrepreneurs and startuppers,” explains Anne-Lorraine Reinbolt, Project Manager. Moreover, participants will be able to meet professionals from all sectors and exchange with their peers, to eventually foster future innovative ideas and potential business models.

Game of Code in numbers

Last year, the 5th edition of Game of Code brought together more than 130 development experts divided in 30+ teams – as well as 450 internal attendees – which competed over three specific challenges cooked by the event’s partners. In 2021, international gifted coders will once again be able to express their creativity as they answer to the unique challenges created by the partners of Game of Code, during 36 hours! Participating to the competition will allow experts and companies to highlight their skills and help with the development of new tech. Moreover, 10,000€ of gifts will be distributed to the winning teams, after the deliberation of the jury composed of seasoned professionals.


More information and registration: www.gameofcode.eu


IGDA has a handful of free registrations! Email info@igda.org to find out how.




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