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14 Nov 2019

3D Design Motion Tour Boston

3D Design Motion Tour Boston | Boston, MA

Maxon recently launched The 3D Design Motion Tour, which is an event traveling to 26 cities worldwide! The 1-day event is designed for motion designers who are interested in learning industry-standard 3D production techniques to incorporate into their creative products.

The event will consist of a presentation that breaks down the creation process of a state-of-the-art Production Company Vanity Logo animation. The artwork for this presentation is created by Perception, the cutting-edge design lab known for its work on the Marvel Vanity Logo and visual effects for many Marvel and DC films including Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and more!

To assist with advancing your design skills, all attendees will receive licenses of Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, RedShift, Sketchfab, Linkedin Learning (Lynda) and 1 Kitbash coupon! Please note, to receive these licenses you must be present at the event!

The event will gather top animators and motion design artists from all over Europe and the Americas. Along with presentations from VIP presenters, this event provides multiple opportunities to meet with local motion designers during networking and social events.

IGDA members get to attend for FREE!





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