Missouri – Kansas City

Welcome to the International Game Developers Association: Kansas City (IGDA KC)!

The IGDA is an international group that connects game developers and aspiring game developers from around the world, with the goal of improving their lives and their craft. The Kansas City chapter, founded in September 2019, is dedicated to bringing professional resources to aspiring developers in the Kansas City and surrounding midwestern areas.


The general assemblies of the IGDA KC meets on the second Monday of each month. Events begin at 6pm at Centriq Training, 1740 W 92 St, Kansas City, MO 64114.


This is a great opportunity to connect with others and learn more about Kansas City’s resources for game developers.


We are starting fresh this year with new board members, a new agenda, and vision for game developers in the Midwest. If you are in the game industry, or you are interested in the game industry, we invite you to join our general assemblies! It’s free!


Clover Ross - Chair
Reid Montgomery - Vice Chair
Ryan Manning - Treasurer
Jake LaCombe - Board Member


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