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This is the IGDA chapter for the Minneapolis/St Paul (Twin Cities) metro area in Minnesota, USA.

IGDATC holds public events live on YouTube, usually on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesdays of every month.

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2nd Wednesday:
Gamedev Meeting

Industry and community presentations! Postmortems, live demos, and talks on game design, art, marketing, audio, community, social issues, and more, given by developers from the Twin Cities and all over the world.

3rd Wednesday:
Twin Cities Playtest

Live testing of in-development games! From less than a week into development to fully polished betas. Plus: lively conversations with the developers! Viewers can join in and play the games live on stream!

4th Wednesday:

Virtual reality, alternative hardware, and interactive art! Enthusiasts, developers, and tinkerers working with all variety human-computer interaction. MN VR+HCI takes place simultaneously in AltspaceVR!

More information available on our website.

(Spoon & Cherry image by Zachary Sumners.)



Beth Korth
Zach Wendt
Peter Yang
Eli Berg-Maas
Mark LaCroix
David Mann


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