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Boston based chapter of the International Game Developers Association.

Computer game developers in New England meet periodically in the Boston area to discuss the business of making and playing computer games, to meet old friends and make new friends in the industry, and to hang out, eat and drink, and have a good time.

We normally meet during the second week of each month, alternating Tuesdays (on even months) and Wednesdays (on odd months).

Gatherings are normally held beginning at 7:00pm.

Attendees are expected to pay for their own refreshments. THIS IS NOT FREE. You pay for your own tab!


We almost always meet at The Skellig on Moody Street in Waltham. Click here for directions.

We have, in the past, met at other places, sometimes for special events, sometimes just for a change of pace. When and if we do so again, we’ll post the information here.


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