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Sweden is home to a large number of game developers, from indie and art house studios, to major AAA companies. Our game culture and academic communities are also growing.

The goal of IGDA Sweden is to make Sweden a more tightly connected community of game developers, to support diversity and sharing of knowledge, and to connect globally through the massive IGDA network.

We have started IGDA Sweden as a group with representatives in several cities, and we hope that you want to join. We wish to meet as many of you as possible, through our Facebook-group “IGDA Sweden“, at game jams and conferences, at the pub and at work, and make game development in Sweden even better. Anyone is welcome to suggest activities and meet-ups.

English will be the main language of official IGDA Sweden posts, reflecting the highly international game developer community we have in Sweden.


Vivienne Koh
Joakim Linna


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