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We are committed to empowering Toronto’s professional video game developers by providing high quality events and resources that speak to their needs and interests, as well as supporting and collaborating with local game initiatives. We strive to reflect Toronto’s diversity and be a responsible community member by promoting professionalism, mutual respect and inclusivity for all.


We’re looking for volunteers who want to help run the IGDA Toronto Chapter, as well as help out with events and programming. While the name says Toronto, you don’t need to live/work in Toronto to participate! We’re excited to bring to you new programming and opportunities to connect and network with local game devs, but we need your help to do that. 

Sign up today using this form, and we’ll be in touch! 


Mark Mizuguchi | Co-Chair
Natalie Wallace | Co-Chair
Joseph Zettler | Events Director


Use this form to contact the Ontario – Toronto Chapter.