Indiana – Indianapolis

Welcome to IGDA Indianapolis!

We’re a friendly group of game makers who get together once a month to talk about game development and share best practices. We’re your support group when something isn’t working, when you need to find an artist, or when you’re hyped about something you made and what to share it with your peers. This organization is for you to make connections and find opportunity.

Join us over on Discord and introduce yourself!:

Our goals include:

  • Supporting and promoting local game creation
  • Creating exposure for locally developed games
  • Advocating for games as an expressive medium
  • Developing opportunities for growth in the games and technology field in the greater Indianapolis region
  • Educating about game development
  • Acting as resource hub for identifying knowledge, talent, funding, and opportunity


The IGDA is the world’s largest membership association for game developers. Our mission is to make game development a sustainable, fulfilling career for anyone with the desire and aptitude to pursue it. We have Chapters on six continents and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) led by developers around the world, all dedicated to supporting game developers at every stages of their career.

From aspirational game developer to veteran, hobbyist to expert, we work to help game developers worldwide by advocating for the interests of game developers, promoting constant improvement of the craft of game development, and, most importantly, connecting our members with their peers. We work to empower every game developer to impact their career and the industry, and Chapters and SIGs are some of the most important resources available to IGDA members and the game development community at large.

The IGDA is a non-profit membership organization, registered as a 501(c)6 entity in the United States. Learn more about the IGDA at


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