Regional Coordinators

IGDA Regional Coordinators oversee both professional and student chapters in their designated region and work with IGDA Chapter leadership, other Regional Coordinators, and IGDA Staff to provide updates, celebrate successes, problem solve, escalate, and help to ensure a successful IGDA chapter community worldwide.

2021-2022 Regional Coordinators

Khaya AhmedKhaya Ahmed, Pakistan
Pronouns: She/Her
Region(s): South Asia

“IGDA helps bridge gaps within the global game industry. I’m looking forward to being a part of this bridge and will aim to similarly help others in underrepresented communities.”

Houssem Ben Amor, Tunisia
Pronouns: He/Him
Region(s): Middle East and Africa

“[L]et’s put some spotlight on the hidden diamond.”

Gwen Foster, Philippines
Pronouns: Any/She/He/They
Region(s): Asia Pacific

“The reality is the oceans in APAC shouldn’t pull us apart, and we should come together to build a stronger industry. IGDA can help bridge that!”

Dylan GedigDylan Gedig, Canada
Pronouns: He/Him
Region(s): Canada, US-Northwest

“The IGDA really allowed me to get a headstart on my career, and now I do whatever I can to give back! It’s a great way for our communities to work together and build a strong global industry.”

Branden Middendorf, US
Pronouns: He/Him
Region(s): US-Midwest

“Ultimately, I want to provide aid for game developers in the Midwest the resources to acquire that dream job or start their own studio.”

Adam MooreAdam Moore, US
Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them
Region(s): US-Southwest

“I’m looking forward to supporting the chapters in my region and helping the game development community grow.”

Kenji Ono, Japan
Pronouns: He/Him
Region(s): Japan

“IGDA expands your career options. By joining IGDA, I got a new position as a lecturer at a university, in addition to being a freelance game journalist.”

Vesa Raudasoja, Finland
Pronouns: He/Him
Region(s): Europe

“Being a part of the IGDA Regional Coordinator Program allows me to work together with chapter leaders from around the world to share information and make new friends and colleagues – things I consider the heart of the IGDA. Community is something that stays. It’s a kind of home base. If people feel at home with their development community, they’ll want to support it.”

Carlos Reyes, Colombia
Pronouns: He/Him
Region(s): Central and South America

“[The IGDA Regional Coordinator Program] will allow us to better understand the needs of the community, to be closer to its members, and to support the people that are making a fantastic effort to bring IGDA’s helping hand to them.”

James SeetalJames Seetal, US
Pronouns: They/Them
Region(s): US-East